Latest 2020 mlm Award List, Best Network Marketing Company in Nigeria - Edible Herbs

Pandemic or No pandemic, we're making more millionaires,
This is not audio Money , na real money. Over 32 people went home during this pandemic lockdown, with N4,250,000 and N595,000 each.
This shows Edible is the best mlm company as at now, and you can't find this happening any place in Nigeria during this #covid19 lockdown.
The shocking part is, by December, 2020, over 50 cars worth N2,414,000 each, and over 60 International Trips worth N595,000 each of the Award have been qualified for which will be giving and more are working hard to join the list to be qualified too, I Orizu Kelechi will be receiving a Car worth N2,414,000 + Trip worth of N595,000,
You think we're joking when you hear us mention this incentives?
Everything is just like stew and rice garnished with turkey😅😅
When your in the right Network Marketing Company, everything is so easy, #Edible is the most easiest, #mlm you can find in Nigeria, with the best and unique products that have been tested and trusted with thousands of people suffering from different ailments like, Infection, infertility, stroke, prostate, fibroid, cardiovascular and celebrovascular diseases, etc. Edible products are designed with modern technology, and the products are well modified to fight serious health challenges, with no side effects.
Edible herbs products are 100% Natural Products,

1: Which Country Owns This Amazing Company?
AnswerEdible herbs limited is an indigenous multilevel marketing company duly registered under the laws of the Federal republic of Nigeria and in partnership with Chinese, India, USA, and local companies.
Specialize in Network Marketing of traditional Chinese medicines, Indian Herbs, Herbal medicines from USA and our very own local herbal medicines which prevents and cures various ailments.
2: Do they have target at all?
Answer: No Target, No SSD, No Compulsory Buying of monthly Products or Activation of monthly points, No Balancing of Legs, No Losing of Any Award, you get your Awards and Bonuses at your own time etc.
3: How Much is the Registration?
Answer: The Registration is N4,000 and your required to purchase products of N50,000 one off purchase order ( instant level 3)
4: Can I purchase little by little if I can't start with N50,000 after I most have registered with N4,000?
Answer: As matter of fact, when you register with N4,000, you will be given 1 colon cleanser worth N2,500 company price, you will sell at N3,500, after that, you can start buying gradually e.g you can purchase one product or more, and this points will be accumulating, your required to purchase 200 p.v (N50,000) but you can purchase one first, like STD Care 20 p.v (N5,000) or any other one.
may be later you can be buying gradually, this is why Edible is far better to compare other network marketing company, you can be buying until you accumulate up to 200 p.v (N50,000) at your own time, and you can even buy everything same day you registered!
5: Can I see one or more photos of the recent Awarded members of Edible?
Answer: Yes, we don't like showing too much of our achievement because, it look too real to be truth for some people, but now you requesting for it, find some recent 2020 Awards photo below...

Above photos are just few I could gather,
Then find below few photos of 2019 December Award...

For more question Call or WhatsApp Dr. Orizu Kelechi a.k.a Ovadoze Prosper on +2347032065276


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