1. Business pack.
  2. Purchase at company price.
  3. Sponsoring Others.
  4. Retail profits.
Purchase product below 50Bv
BENEFIT: Retail profit.
Purchase 200Bv worth of product (N50,000)
BENEFIT 1: Sell and make 25% Retail profit.
BENEFIT 2: Start Up Products of N67,500
Introduce four step 3 Distributors at anytime.
BENEFIT: Sponsorship Bonus up to
To be in Step 5, accumulate 3,000Bv at anytime.
BENEFIT 1: Gift Awards.
BENEFIT 2: Cash Bonus Up to
Produce four Step 5 Distributors from different network with cumulative of 18,000Bv at anytime.
BENEFIT: Free International Trip or Cash equivalence of 3,500 USD
BENEFIT: Cash Bonus of You & Your Team up to N1,700,000
Note: The foundation still remains 21 Registrations.

Accumulate 18,000Bv from four different networks each.
Or Produce three Eagle Award winners from three different networks with 85,000Bv cumulative at anytime.
Or Produce two Eagle Award winners from two different networks with 200,000Bv cumulative at anytime.
BENEFIT: Small Car Award or Cash equivalence of 14,200 USD
Produce 72,000Bv from four different networks each at anytime with cumulative of 288,000Bv            (They must not be Step 7 award winners).
Or Produce three Super Eagle (Step 7 award winners). From three different network with total cumulative of 380,000Bv at anytime.
Or Produce two Super Eagle from 2 different networks with total cumulative of 650,000Bv at anytime.
  1. Professional/Leadership Training.
  2. Recognition Pin.
  3. Trip to China or USA, or Cash equivalence of N4,250,000
To qualify, produce one Ambassador with total cumulative of 950,000Bv. You must be an Ambassador to qualify for this.
  1. Family Trip worth 34,000 USD or Cash Equivalence of N5,780,000
  2. Recognition Pin.
To qualify for this, produce three Ambassadors from three different networks each with total cumulative of 1,200Bv at anytime.
  1. SUV Jeep equivalence of 45,000 USD. Or Cash Equivalence of N7,650,000
  2. Recognition Pin.
To qualify for this, produce four Ambassadors from four different networks each with total cumulative of 420,000Bv.
  1. House Award equivalence of 100,000 USD or Cash Equivalence of N17,000,000
  2. Recognition Pin.
After you have collected your house award, you can go to any country of your choice to establish “Edible herbs” business, you will be entitled to 2% of all profits generated in that Country.
In Conclusion, we want to congratulate you for making the right choice and choosing the best policy of being an independent distributor of “Edible herbs Ltd”. You have just signed up with wealth, success, health, friendship, integrity and excellence. Work hard to be an award winner within the first few months.

NB:  You can invest in any of the plan from Step 3: to Step 7: and Our Duty is To Assist You Sell All the Products as This Products are Unique and Hot and High Demand in The Market. 
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  1. As a membership of edible herbs how can I be able to get edible herbs product

    1. If you have registered kindly contact your upliner , if you don't have a then you can contact me on call or WhatsApp +2347032065276 am also a center manager,


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