Meet with Dr Mrs Deborah Joseph, her testimony will inspire you as She Qualified For Car and many international trip award -

Meet with Dr Mrs Deborah Joseph, her testimony will inspire you as She Qualified For Car and many international trip award

My name is Dr Mrs Joseph Deborah , my very first encounter with edible herbs products is an unforgettable one, and this happens as a result of my quest for cataract treatment for one of my patients in DEC 29 2018. Well, as God will have it ,
I will say that my coming into contact with edible herbs products was really a divine arrangement .Just maybe  I was programmed to be at that shop where I stumbled at edible herbs eye care. As pathologist, I have also acquired vast knowledge of virtually all kinds of herbs and their medicinal uses to the human organs.
So going through the ingredients in eye care quickly boasts my curiosity to request for edible herbs manual from the very shop just to do more findings before administering it to my patient. Well, while going through the manual I saw where it was boldly written """ BEFORE ANY TREATMENT FIRST DETOXIFY WITH COLON CLEANSER AND INTERNAL DETOXING CAP""" I quickly called the Lady that gave me eye care that I will come back the next day for Colon cleanser and detox cap before using the eye care. I'm a very inquisitive person any way, but reading this from the manual made me understand clearly that the brain behind this strategic treatment methodology really knew what they are into. And this is stated in the law of medicine"""holistic treatment can only be possible if the entire organs are cleansed"" I got the colon cleanser the next day.
But something unusual happened to me that faithful day while I was on my way going home , I suddenly felt severe pains in my chest cavity and had some difficulty in breathing. I needed an instance remedy at that moment to at least free myself from the chronic emphysema at that moment, lo and behold I had to use the colon cleanser I bought for my patient to get the miracle I needed at that  moment. Within few seconds I was instantly relief thanks to edible herbs colon cleanser
But it didn't end there , I also found out that the headaches I had for years just below my hypothalamus which had forced me to traveled for treatment abroad was positively improved by the same colon cleanser the next day "Hmmmmm" I felt an automatic movement of my thymus for the very first time in life and quickly called my husband  to examine what was actually happening there from neck to the brain. He didn't see any thing but yet I was felling the stimulated movement over and over within me,  stretching me again and again especially where  I was always having the headaches.. Pls go through my testimony carefully, there's something remarkable that happens two days later on the cause of taking this Colon cleanser,I realized the headache became intense even more severe as if it was stating all over again even worst than when I first had the experience in 2012. I had to called the Lady I got the colon cleanser from as a matter of facts, I had made up my mind to discontinue the colon cleanser because it seems to increase the headache times three (*3) of what I use to fell initially. She couldn't give me answers as to why I felt the way I did, but she gave me her sponsor's phone no and I called immediately. Pastor Emeka Blessed
Pastor Emeka Blessing
 encouraged me to continue, that for fact that Colon cleanser is causing more pains on my thymus simply means there's something in there its clearing off for me, letting me know he also had similar experience in his lungs while taking Colon cleanser. Well, our people says """ experience is the best teacher "" based on his personal experience and testimony I had no other choice but to continue. This brought another curiosity in me to research more about what I was really consuming , that's where I got to know one of the ingredients in colon cleanser called Rhizophora , its also called soldier.
This particular herbs exposes any hidden disease in your body and pronounces them even to the ones that you have  never felt  any symptoms before. This is one of the reasons many patients who never knew what they had as soon as they take Colon cleanser they will call to complain about their new experience, most hidden diseases are always pronounced by this plant called Rhizophora..  since after that experience, I have no symptom of  sort of headraces whatsoever, not on any expensive medication whatsoever all thanks to edible herbs colon cleanser. This single experience made me look for edible herbs limited office to attained seminars,
to know more about their unique products by January last year 2019. In June I was awarded with 3 tripsa wards and by DEC 7 2019 I qualified for another 3 awards including a car award.
Check some of my award photos after the cut...

This is my personal testimony in edible herbs international, my life had been upward and forward since I joined edible herbs and several of my patients are also living testimonies to this wonderful products ....lastly 6 of my down liners also qualified for the trip awards last DEC 2019.
See their Photos after the cut....

I strongly believed in hard work , sincerity and integrity this is what has actually brought me this far and above all love for one another. I strongly believed my personal testimony will inspire you  to do more and go for the best. Thank you all.

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